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Edu 515 Assignment 2 – Action Research, Augmented Reality, and Carpentry

Introduction The relationship between research and practice is exemplified when the act of conducting reflective research directly alters and influences one’s own practice. It is not enough to simply teach, but to reflect upon and improve the lessons that are… Continue Reading →

Twitterpated: Further Reflections

“twitter”by [e-aprendizaje] is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 A newly appointed administrator recently entered my shop space as he enjoys seeing students engaged in project based learning, and has a fondness for speaking to the students about their creations. After… Continue Reading →

Foundational Thinking: A Reflection on the Researcher

When building a house there is nothing more important than planning. When the building starts there are thousands of pieces that must be taken into account, and meld together in perfect order; to achieve as close to a perfect construct… Continue Reading →


To be clear, I am anything but twitterpated about using twitter. I generally choose to work in isolation when given the option. Working alone yields time for me to contemplate and reflect on what I am doing, making, and/or teaching…. Continue Reading →

Qualitative & Quantitative Adversaries

After reading both Understanding and Describing Quantitative Data by Cathy Lewin and Assessing the Quality of Mixed Methods Research: Toward a Comprehensive Framework by Alicia O’Cathain, I feel as though I have gained insight into a great deal of tension… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on FOIPOP and Youth

Listening to Alec Couros during EDU 568 today helped me realize that life for youth today drastically differs from my own experiences as a teenager. Everything that a child does or says online today creates a permanent record of their… Continue Reading →

Reflections on 21st Century Learning in a Technology Based Classroom

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” – John Dewey –      This starting quote in the documentary ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ showcases the predominant rationale for my enrollment in the Educational Technology Master’s… Continue Reading →

Reflections on Research Methodologies and the 4 R’s Correlated to Carpentry

My wife told me a joke a few weeks ago to tease me. The joke progressed along the lines of ‘I am a carpenter; yes I do talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice.’ At the time I chuckled… Continue Reading →

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